Holy crap, we’re famous!

Today’s Getting Blanked Show runs down the dour Game Fours which make the Gave Five excellence that much sweeter. Addressing the Carpenter/Halladay matchup and portending doom for Mister Douglas Fister.

Please enjoy and send forth your feedback. Don’t be gentle.

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  1. Parkes is a little stiff, but overall, good job! I like the sarcasm and political incorrectness in a “professional” setting.

  2. I like the idea of a more professional set – but the desk doesn’t suit your guys’ style. Maybe stools with a sports bar backdrop? I’d also think a few ‘homer-esque’ Jays caps/Jerseys etc. Glad to see you guys moving up in the world.

  3. Living the dream! A workplace where you don’t have to wear pants.

    • Even better is a workplace where you don’t have to be any good!

      Seriously though, this was the best one yet. Good work guys. I dig the new digs.

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