While you and your loved ones enjoy a delectable Thanksgiving (should you live in Canada), make sure you keep Mike Napoli in your thoughts. That poor bastard swallowed his chaw when Sean Rodriguez ran him over in Game 4 of the ALDS.

In his spirit, we, the Getting Blanked team, decided to take a little magic carpet ride of our own by dipping into the dip for the very first time. The results aren’t easy to watch but neither is Mike Napoli.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.

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  1. Mother Fucking Epic.

  2. Did you know that chewing tobacco is infused with fibreglass in order to put microscopic cuts in your gums which allows the nicotine in and builds the addiction?

    • That’s what my one buddy told me who does the occasional dip, and after that I had no interest whatsoever in trying tobacco. Had he not told me that information, I likely would’ve gone for it.

    • Nope just a old wives tale.

      ‘There is a widespread urban myth that fiberglass is added to smokeless tobacco to increase the efficiency of nicotine absorption. Although small, glass-like particles can be seen in snus, this may be due to the formation of salt crystals.’

      ‘The addition of glass to dipping tobacco would not be beneficial for increasing nicotine delivery, as bleeding and inflammation would be likely to reduce the uptake of nicotine.’

      Still, doesn’t sound like fun to be losing your jaw piece by piece tho…..

    • If there was fiberglass in it, that would be posted on the warning label. Find me one scholarly acticle that says fiberglass is in dip.

  3. Pullitzer worthy stuff here gents. You can really see how your dedication to your craft is top priority. Keep it up!

  4. This is definitely not ‘Mailing it in’.

  5. I don’t know how you guys made it to whatever age you are without trying dip. I remember feeling like my throat had been seared with a hot branding iron for at least 2 days after accidentally swallowing some green apple Skoal on a high school baseball road trip when I was about 16. Never again. I applaud your bravery.

  6. “its like I kissed my Nana – she smokes”

  7. That was the most entertaining and least informative episode yet.

  8. Swallowed mine once taking a foul ball in my face mask. A quick water rinse and some Gatorade and it was all good.

  9. “I’m going to puke for sure”

  10. 503 Service Unavailable

    I really, really want to see this service available.

  11. May I propose a full series of these type of Getting Blanked video podcasts:

    1. The Bert Blyleven Hot Foot Edition (catch co-workers unawares)
    2. The Homeplate Collision Edition (take turns being Lawrie AND Varitek)
    3. Jose Bautista Handshake Edition (see how many of the elaborate pre-game handshakes you can remember with each other)

  12. I’m way late on this, but, wow. Terrific stuff.

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