WEEI’s John Dennis is reporting that Boston Red Sox General Manager Theo Epstein is no longer the Boston Red Sox General Manager. Epstein has agreed a five year deal believed to be worth more than $15 million with the Chicago Cubs.

According to Dennis, Boston only recently granted the Cubs permission to speak with Epstein, but negotiations have already been completed between Chicago and the GM. The deal is expected to be finalized by the end of this week, once negotiations for compensation with the Red Sox have been finalized. Before coming to terms with the Cubs, Epstein was under contract for one more season with Boston.

It’s believed that Boston Red Sox assistant GM Ben Cherington will be the front runner to replace Epstein, but there could be some interest in Chicago White Sox assistant GM Rick Hahn.

For more, check out the Boston Herald’s photo editor’s psychic abilities.

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  1. This is getting better and better. Suck it, Boston.

  2. Wow the Cubs wasted no time at all in doing this.

    This move might look good in Boston, but running away from a problem never solved anything. I think it still comes down to the players, and anytime you get too many veterans there could be an entitlement problem.

  3. First the Sox let go of a solid manager and guy in Tito Francona, and follow it up by letting Boy Wonder walk? They’re going to run the Sox and Liverpool into the ground. Awesome!

  4. I hear JP Ricciardi’s available…

  5. I saw one of the ESPN/SI writers on Twitter last night say he’s in the mix. No joke.

  6. In an attempt to quickly recapture the success he had in Boston, Epstein promptly extends Carlos Zambrano with an eight year, $127 million contract. Epstein also hopes to acquire JD Drew, Dice-K, John Lackey, Carl Crawford, and if fortune shines on him, Vernon Wells.
    I can’t believe the Cubs signed Epstein for only $15 million. The man has won two World Series, people!

  7. Billy Beane in Boston?

  8. Finally a reason to believe in the future.love to see him bring francona on board as manager,and go after puljos and ukillis,and ship zambrano to bost as compensation for epstein.

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