Just a warning: today’s live stream might not be very good. After all, Derek Snider spent most of the morning lamenting the regular nature of these live streams. Despite being a solid contributor, he isn’t much of a leader. Parkes and Stoeten, meanwhile, spent the morning drinking beer and eating fried chicken in the break room while the rest of us blog weasels toiled away.

Myself? I don’t even have the commitment enough to attend. Too wrapped up in my own stuff to make a consistent effort for the team.

All these things matter greatly to the success of an outfit, of course. Unless we have a great show (and chat!) at which point all distractions are forgotten and Parkes and Stoeten are lauded for their camaraderie and questions about my reticence to join team activities are left unanswered due to my solid regular season numbers.

Click here to join the live stream at 3:30pm. Hit the twitters (@DustinParkes, @DerekSnider and @Andrew Stoeten or join me in the chat below the jump. You know the drill.

Red Sox players-only team meeting photo courtesy of This Isn’t Happiness.