While the Phillies aren’t so lucky as to escape the completely media circus currently dominating the baseball headlines in the American Northeast today, they certainly get off a little easier.

Question do linger for this Phillies squad. Mostly their age and where they might get younger. With GM Ruben Amaro noting this week that top prospect Domonic Brown could spend the entire upcoming season in AAA (again), the age of the Phillies is once again a factor. Hit the jump to see just how quickly the Philles are indeed aging.

Still not convinced? Witness franchise player Ryan Howard, he of the torn Achilles tendon, motoring around a local Whole Foods franchise on a motorized scooter better known as a Rascal.

How quickly the mighty do fall. The incredible image comes to us via the magic of the internet and, of course, The Fightins. Without them we’re nothing.