Andrew Stoeten makes his first appearance behind the mighty desk as the Getting Blanked Show focuses its laser vision on Doug Fister and the Tigers while paying special attention to the Red Sox/Cubs ongoing general manager swift. It’s like another Freaky Friday remake with fewer uncomfortable feelings about the stars’ ages.

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  1. Any chance you might put these up as audio feeds, like with the live streams?

  2. I think they’re up as video streams now. I’ll talk to our producer guy and see if it can be done. My worry is that by the time they’re up, they might be outdated.

    • Thanks. The problem with the videos is I don’t have time to watch them until the evening. Audio I can pull up on my phone while walking to/from work

      • You can watch them on your phone via the Score Mobile app!

        • I do sometimes, but watching videos while walking has a couple of times resulted in almost being hit by cars. I can just hold my phone and listen and not watch, but it’s not nearly as nice as throwing it on top of my podcast queue and having it just play automatically from my pocket.

  3. The Getting Blankef Show clearly has no dress code so I appreciate Parkes wearing a jacket. Stoeten, on the other hand, needs a suit, a shave, and a shower.

  4. guy-ardo

    not ga-lardo

  5. Guys, what’s that song?

  6. Thanks Drew, I’ll check them out.

  7. Parkes is pretty.

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