As part of Theo Epstein signing a five year contract to become the next general manager of the Chicago Cubs, the National League Central team must pay the Boston Red Sox something in the form of compensation because the American League East franchise still had their former employee under contract for another year.

However, negotiations between the two sides haven’t exactly gone swimmingly, with Chicago reportedly offering to pay Boston cold hard cash, but the Red Sox wanting something in the form of an actual player.¬†Make no mistake. This isn’t going to stop a contract being signed. At this point, Theo Epstein doesn’t want to be the general manager of the Boston Red Sox, and the Boston Red Sox have come to terms with that.¬†However, it will be interesting to see how the process plays out if the two sides can’t come to an agreement on their own.

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe has an interesting idea, suggesting that compensation should be increased depending on how many of his former employees Epstein takes with him to Chicago. It had previously been reported that the major issues prior to negotiating compensation were in deciding which staffers the former Red Sox GM would be allowed to poach.

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  1. Something silmilar to John Farrell’s deal to Toronto? Toronto aren’t allowed to trade for Boston players for a certain time? The rule 5 player that Toronto had to return?

  2. I think it’s different when it’s a lateral position change. If you’re changing franchises for a promotion it’s not as big of a deal, and doesn’t warrant the same level of compensation, if any at all.

  3. How about Carlos Zambrano and Alfonso Soriano for Epstein, Lackey, and Crawford?

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