You might wonder why, on this very specific (and super-serious!) baseball blog, there is a photo of a very large & sweaty guy in a Real Madrid jersey yelling into a microphone. That isn’t just any large or sweaty man, that is Scott Radinsky; lead singer of California skate rock outfit Pulley and ex of seminal-with-a-small-”s” band Ten Foot Pole.

Pulley is a part-time band that plays and records sporadically as most of the members are old and gainfully employed. Scott here just received a promotion at his chosen vocation – he’s the new pitching coach for the Cleveland Indians.

Scott Radinsky is rather unique among former big league pitchers turned pitching coaches for his Simi Valley punk rock past. Radinsky was a long-time LOOGY did his best work as a member of the Chicago White Sox. Radinsky compiled 4 WAR in his high-leverage career, pitching nearly 500 innings for the Sox, Dodgers, Cards and a tiny cup of coffee with the Tribe.

He is one of the most prolific Jewish baseball players of all time who, rather than spending his off-seasons hunting and fishing, build a gigantic skate park and skateboarding museum in his SoCal hometown.

Whether Radinsky can teach Justin Masterson another pitch or convince Josh Tomlin to miss a bat from time to time remains to be seen. His status as demigod among aging former punk rock dads is secure, no matter how he does in Cleveland’s top pitching spot.

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  1. This is awesome.

    I’m an aging dad…but I loathe to be called “former” punk rock! I’m going to have to spend the afternoon watching Social Distortion videos on Youtube just so I don’t feel too corporate.

  2. Man, MLB pitcher AND fronting two of my favourite bands ever. Talk about living the dream.

  3. real madrid is/was franco’s team. and now he’s employed by a team with one of, if not THE MOST, racist logos on the planet. when they were handing out punk rock ethics, this guy must have been out taking a dump.

  4. “He is one of the most prolific Jewish baseball players of all time” – unfortunately, the list is not overly long.

  5. he did a lot of good work with carrasco. also sang in scared straight which were a legit good hc band from the 80s. and he beat cancer. american hero

  6. I’m listening to Esteem Driven Engine right now. This is awesome news. I’ve read that interview before and it’s great.

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