While the players on the Texas Rangers battle their counterparts on the Detroit Tigers in the American League Championship Series, the team’s front office staff may be dividing their attention between the games on the field and the dollars in the bank. A report from ESPN New York’s Wallace Matthews indicates that the Rangers are preparing to make a significant offer for Yankees ace C.C. Sabathia should he, as expected, opt out of the four year $92 million remaining on his contract.

It’s hard to imagine Sabathia leaving New York. He apparently loves the city. And for the most part the city loves him. However, he’s even more unlikely to refuse the overtures of suitors considering the effect such pursuits will have on his negotiations with the Yankees on a new multiple year contract.

According to Matthews’ source:

I hear they’re going to throw a boatload of money at him. But I think he’ll stay with the Yankees. He’s talked so much about how much he loves New York, and besides, the Yankees can’t afford to lose him from that pitching staff.

This fits in well with Rangers GM Jon Daniels’ recent comments on the market size for free agent starter C.J. Wilson.

Probably bigger than we would like and probably right about what he would like.

If Texas ends up losing Wilson this off season to a rival (let’s say the Yankees), Sabathia would be more than ample compensation. It’s probably also worth noting that the big left hander, a durable starter if ever there was one, fits in well with the type of pitcher that team owner and president Nolan Ryan is believed to value.

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  1. Sounds to me like they are pissed that the Yankees are going after CJ Wilson and want to punish the Yankees. They probably have no intention of signing CC Sabathia but think if they make a comment like this he is more likely to opt out of his contract and make the Yankees pay.

  2. This can only help the Jays can’t it? Bidding up CC drives up the Yankees investment in one pitcher which means they won’t have as much to build up the rest of the staff. They can only spend so much right?

  3. Rangers have a ton of money coming to them in their regional broadcasting deal. I’m not sure if it’s that they don’t have any intention or that they’re aware that their intention is going to drive up the price.

  4. I see Rangers being major players in going after Yu Darvish.

    The possibility of Wilson re-signing is relatively small and CC ain’t signing in anywhere but NY so they’ll have plenty of room to make a play.

    Posting fee issues are probably still going to be a big thing but with the Rangers looking to fill a void and potentially get far higher ceiling than Wilson, Darvish is exactly the right target.

  5. I’m skeptimistic about Darvish, as I would be in any player who has never pitched an MLB inning requiring an investment as large as it will take to acquire him. The starting pitcher free agent market is so weak though that this might be there only option. Or you know, try to trade Michael Young for the billionth time.

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