Remember last year’s World Series, when every journalist with accreditation wrote a story about how catcher Bengie Molina played for both the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers in the same year and that no matter the outcome of the best four out of seven game series he’d receive a ring?

I know it’s such an astoundingly novel occurrence and everything, but it got to the point where a mid season trade was getting more attention than the actual games. Strangely enough, the same situation has arisen this year, but with far less fan fare.

I imagine that it might say something about the differences in the quality of the two bullpens that will be on display in this year’s version of the World Series when you stop to consider that the St. Louis Cardinals picked up LOOGY Arthur Rhodes off of waivers after he was released by the Texas Rangers in August.

It might seem a little bit disingenuous to see a relief pitcher who threw 24 and a third innings this season for Texas and eight and two third innings for St. Louis be guaranteed a World Series ring before the first pitch is even thrown out. However, as Jeff Sullivan points out at SB Nation, it’s almost staggering that Rhodes has never won a ring before, especially when you consider some of the teams he’s played for during his 20 year career.

  • 89-win 1992 Orioles
  • 88-win 1996 Orioles
  • 98-win 1997 Orioles
  • 91-win 2000 Mariners
  • 116-win 2001 Mariners
  • 93-win 2002 Mariners
  • 93-win 2003 Mariners
  • 91-win 2004 Athletics
  • 93-win 2005 Indians
  • 91-win 2010 Reds

Try to enjoy this little piece of ephemera for what it is before the mainstream media get a hold of it, and then beat it to death with a horse, pretending it’s far more interesting than it really is.