Great news! The Red Sox beer saga is still ongoing! Hooray!

To his infinite credit, Jon Lester played nice with Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe by responding to some of the allegations against him and his rotation brethren. Not the “why did you lose so many games?” allegations, just the “did you drink beer and carouse mid-game” nonsense.

I encourage you to click through for the real meaty quotes but I’ll leave you one great quote, free of as much context as possible.

Lester said the perception that he followed Beckett down the wrong path was untrue.

“I’m not a follower. I’m a grown-ass man. I made my decisions. He wasn’t twisting my arm like I was in high school,” Lester said. “Did I try to emulate him as a pitcher when I was younger? Sure I did because what he does works. Now, over time, I’ve tweaked what I do because that’s what works for me.

“But as far as decisions, he doesn’t make them for me. I’m who I am because of my wife and my mom and dad. Not Josh.”

Jon Lester is the boss of Jon Lester, thankyouverymuch. NOT JOSH BECKETT. He makes his own (poorly considered) decisions, dammit.