Exciting times! With the World Series set to begin in a mere 30 hours (or so), the Getting Blanked show breaks down the American League champion Texas Rangers.

Between snickering at Michael Young and confusing Darren Oliver for double-agent supreme Arthur Rhodes, today’s show reverently stands before the mighty Rangers – our only hope for anything resembling La Russa comeuppance.

Comments (8)

  1. your set is looking pretty fucking 80′s

  2. Does Parkes ever not look gay in these still shots?

    I can here him now “Kramer…stop it”.

  3. He looks like he’s holding an invisible dong for pete’s sake.

  4. It’s only invisible to homophobes.

  5. Feldman tosses right handed.

  6. The Rangers would not be the favourite if the Phillies were playing either. Their pitching just doesn’t stack up, despite their hitting.

    I do agree, however, that Feldman will get a start if Holland struggles yet again.

  7. I could have done without the Phillies dig, as well.

    My buffering crapped out halfway through, so I watched the last 3 minutes of this with Parkes bearing a strong resemblance to a maskless Richard Harrow, Jimmy Darmody’s sidekick on Boardwalk Empire.

  8. I like the show, but you really need to work on the lighting in that set

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