Fight! Fight! Fight! Parkes and I battle for the soul of the Cardinals, nay, the WORLD! Is luck is a four-letter word? The Cardinals will be competing for the World Series while you sift through the pedantic morass that is post-season baseball.

Click here to watch yesterday’s Rangers capsule and check back tomorrow for all the Game One breakdown, so long as the rain stays away. World Series starts tonight! Get excited!!!

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  1. I for one am sick of small sample sizes determining the league champion. Best of 41 from now on! First team to win 22 games takes home the crown AND gets to host Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, as both events should occur at roughly the same time.

  2. The lead-ins to these shows are comedy gold.

  3. Hey, Drew, thanks for the shout-out. Just to be clear though, I didn’t say you can’t predict baseball, I said you can’t predict ANYTHING using statistics. Those paying close attention in Introduction to Science 101 know that predictions are based on laws, not statistics.

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