Despite what you may have heard from some baseball pundits, the most LOL moment of last night’s game didn’t have anything to do with Ron Washington’s managerial decisions. Nope. It was all FOX Sports analyst Tim McCarver, who did an excellent job proving he could spell, but wasn’t quite as convincing when it came to his arithmetic abilities.

Describing Marc Rzepczynski’s strike three slider to Esteban German to end the top half of the seventh inning, McCarver suggested it was:

A five letter word, S-T-R-I-K-E!

After McCarver’s mistake, his broadcast booth partner Joe Buck gave him some friendly ribbing, suggesting that out is a serious four letter word.

Let he who is without sin, Joe. Let he who is without sin.

Thanks to Timothy Burke’s for the screen captures. Follow him on Twitter to get all the best screen caps almost as they happen.