Every year, around this time, baseball fans prepare themselves to go on the defensive when television ratings come out comparing regular season NFL games to MLB playoff games. You see, it ends up that the NFL is more popular than Major League Baseball in North America, and the fact that more households tune into football games than baseball games is constantly used as though it’s new information supporting two erroneous ideas: the impending death of baseball or that football is somehow a better sport.

Of course, baseball isn’t going anywhere, and writing a death march for a beloved sport that continues to earn billions in revenue is premature to say the least. Going a step further, and suggesting that baseball is an inferior product because it doesn’t earn as much money for broadcasters is as ridiculous as this:

That is, until baseball actually beats football in television ratings, which happened last night with Game Four of the World Series scoring a 10.1 in the ratings compared to a Sunday night American football tilt between the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints which drew an 8.2 rating. Now, for once, us baseball fans, can rest comfortably in the smug and mostly meaningless satisfaction that more people watched our sport of choice than their sport of choice.

Eat it, Michael Irvin.