Today In What If

Earlier this summer, friend of the blog and all around awesome dude, Jonah Keri announced that he would be working on a new book for publication in 2014 that focuses on the history of the Montreal Expos. His explanation for the project made it sound like the blueprint for the book would be Two Solitudes meets Kicking Tomorrow meets Barbarians At The Gate meets Youppi.

Excitement in Canadian baseball circles abounded.

Today, Keri tweeted a brief nugget of interesting information that came out of his research for the project.

Instead of further investigating the Yankees offer, Expos GM Jim Beattie traded Pedro to the Boston Red Sox for a player to be named later (who ended up being Tony Armas) and Carl Pavano. Martinez went on to have three of the best successive seasons in the history of pitching, Rivera went on to become the greatest reliever in the history of baseball, and Pavano and Armas went on to become, well Pavano and Armas, two solid, but unspectacular starters during their respective years in Montreal.

As much as it may be difficult to imagine for a sentimental Yankees fan, hindsight suggests that trading Rivera for Martinez would’ve been a good trade for New York.¬†Sacrilege!