Post Pwned: Game Six

The authorities that be (Bud Selig, John Mozeliak, a representative from the baseball gods, Rupert Murdoch and the cast of Raising Hope), or as I like to call them No Exit Part Deux, met for infinity hours this afternoon before finally coming to the conclusion that a) there is no way anyone could beat Super Mario 3 this quickly without manipulating the video in some way; and b) it’s best not to start Game Six of the World Series in St. Louis tonight due to the weather forecast calling for a deluge.

And if not for anything else, it most likely means that we won’t have to tolerate another image of Selig in a rain poncho haunting our sleeping hours.

It’s probably the right call. Even though, according to most online reports, it looks like this in St. Louis right now:

It is expected that by the time the game begins, it will look more like this:

And with the weather expected to be perfect on Thursday and Friday night, it makes no sense to force the issue. I mean, are you really going to miss a single day of the off season?

While both managers will now have the opportunity to move pitchers up in their starting rotations, it’s unlikely to mean a change in the previously scheduled Game Six match up between Colby Lewis for the Texas Rangers and Jaime Garcia for the St. Louis Cardinals. However, the postponement does open the door to Chris Carpenter possibly starting Game Seven on three days rest for the Cardinals, while Ron Washington has already said that he’ll stick with Matt Harrison no matter what date a potential Game Seven is scheduled for. Derek Holland may now be available to pitch in relief.

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  1. But I wanted to watch Fringe on Friday… What will FOX do?

  2. Now starting in left field for the Texas Rangers . . . Joshua Jackson.

  3. Would love to see a Friday Game 7, so I can get drunk and yell expletives at TLR, as opposed to just getting a slight buzz and yelling expletives at TLR.

  4. With enough of a meteorology background to be able to read and understand weather maps, but not enough to model pseudo-accurate radar predictions, I doubt it will even rain significantly in St. Louis tonight. Selig and company (may) have been psyched out, here.

  5. Rain is not making the rally squirrel cry. He is starring in his new hit music video “I GO NUTS for the Cardinals – The Legend of Rally Squirrel” which is now playing on CBS news channel 4 at (You News). Join in and cheer the Cardinals onto a World Series victory!

  6. The “P” is silent in Pwned.

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