This Totally Happened

It might be news to you (there is a World Series going on, after all) but the Pan American Games are currently in full swing somewhere in Mexico. This very same poor man’s Olympiad is coming to Toronto in 2015 so we should all act like we care about it.

Interesting fact about the 2015 Pan American Games – unlike the Olympics, baseball is a fully sanctioned sport. Even more interesting – Team Canada will enter the 2015 competetion as the defending champions after they defeated Mean Ol’Uncle Sam 2-1 last night. Rejoice!

Canada outlasted the Americans — themselves playing the Cinderella role after upsetting the Cuban juggernaut — 2-1 thanks to a key double by Jimmy Van Ostrand, who I assure you is a real person.

Former Jays starter and guy whose name you recognize Scott Richmond nailed down the victory with 2 1/3 innings of great work to finish the game, striking out four after Andrew Albers dazzled the American side for six and two-thirds innings.

Van Ostrand, an org player in the Astros system who posted excellent numbers (!) in this third season at AA (!!!), tweeted a picture of his gold medal and damn if that isn’t a pretty sweet bauble for your mantle.

A great day for Canadian baseball as, according to the czar of Canadian baseball Bob Elliott, this medal marks the first Canadian tournament victory at the senior level. This gold follows a bronze at last month’s World Cup in Panama. Plan the World Baseball Classic parade, kids.

Plus, any time you can beat the US of A, you do it. Can you believe they’re trying to reclaim the War of 1812 as a victory? Let this be a polite, passive-aggressive lesson to them. Kindly try to avoid treading on me, indeed!