The lovely Boston Herald gives us the following piece of shocking, appalling and breaking news: The Toronto Blue Jays “will not rule out” David Ortiz as a possible addition this off season.

To which I would reply: Is there a team in baseball that would rule out a player, no matter his age, his body type or his lack of ability defensively, who will be available this coming off season after hitting 89 home runs over the last three years, putting up a .953 OPS or a .405 wOBA this past season? No, there is not.

And nor should there be. Ortiz, no matter what type of declines we can probably expect from a soon to be 36 year old with a laughable listed weight of 230 lbs., remains an elite player and one who will contribute more than most full time designated hitters. The Toronto Blue Jays won’t rule him out in the same way that the Tampa Bay Rays didn’t rule out Manny Ramirez, the Baltimore Orioles didn’t rule out Vladimir Guerrero and the Oakland Athletics didn’t rule out Hideki Matsui.

If the off season signing period enters its final stages, and Ortiz still finds himself unsigned, the Blue Jays would be interested. I have no doubt in my mind. It makes sense. It makes perfect sense for Toronto to make good on the opportunity to acquire a left handed bat of Ortiz’s ilk, especially at the prices that veteran offensive options only have been going for in recent years.

The only reason that this “rumour,” which is far better described as common sense, was deemed worthy of  publication is the Toronto Blue Jays’ policy of not commenting on prospective player interests. In other words, Ortiz’s representatives could plant a story like this (notice that it comes out from a Boston media outlet, not a Toronto one) and not worry about it being dismissed out of hand by the supposedly interested party.

It’s somewhat humourous to think that the Red Sox couldn’t take advantage of one organizational policy of the Toronto Blue Jays before it was changed earlier this week and now one of its players is attempting to benefit from another, most likely for the purposes of creating a better negotiating foothold with Boston.

This is merely the first rumour of many that will be given far more credence than it should over the next few months. While I think attaining David Ortiz at a discount, including both term and rate, makes sense for almost every American League club, that discount likely isn’t going to be readily available until deep into the off season. So, yes, it makes perfect sense that Ortiz wouldn’t be ruled out. Let’s just not act as though there’s any more meaning behind it than suggesting that Dustin Parkes will not rule out having a tuna sandwich for lunch at some point today.

It’s possible. I haven’t ruled it out. But there are a lot of sandwich shops near my work, and a lot of other people who may want the tuna sandwiches even more than me. And besides, lunch isn’t for a few more hours.