We may not be discussing anything as morally repugnant as another Kevin Costner baseball movie. However, it’s difficult not to bring up the idea of ethics, and how they might pertain to the business of baseball, while mentioning recent allegations that Terry Bross, an agent for Gaylord Sports Management, used porn star Bibi Jones to lure baseball players to his agency.

While no money is said to have exchanged hands, Jones claims that the agent took her to bars in Phoenix after almost every Diamondbacks game in 2010 and introduced her to Major League Baseball players. On at least ten occasions, she slept with one of the players that she met.

It wasn’t even expected for me to hook up with these guys. It was just like I was arm candy for him. I was the one that wanted to hook up with these guys. It was like a dream come true because I love athletes and baseball’s my favorite sport.

She wouldn’t name any of the players she met during a recent interview with a Boston radio station, citing that several were married. However, she did claim to have slept with Dan Uggla. The Atlanta Braves second baseman, who played for the Florida Marlins at the time, was the only player that Bross signed to his agency in 2010. Uggla’s decision was announced at the end of July in 2010, only a few weeks after his team’s road trip to Phoenix.

Somehow, this sordid tale only seems half as icky as the fact that Scott Boras is attempting to renegotiate the New York Yankees’ contract with client Robinson Cano so that the club will drop their two successive team options at value rates for 2012 and 2013, and Boras can see some commission dollars roll in on the talented second baseman.