In a (theoretically) terrible piece of news for the Cardinals lineup, the finger injury sustained/worsened in last night’s epic TOOTBLAN at third base means Matt Holliday is OUT for tonight’s game 7.

Joe Strauss of the Only Newspaper in St. Louis reports Holliday is out of the lineup with Adron Chambers (aka not Corey Patterson) taking his spot on the roster. Allan Craig gets the start in left field, meaning Chris Carpenter can rest easy should any lazy pop flies float towards shallow left field.

This news is “theoretically” terrible as it would be a much bigger blow to the Cardinals were Holliday providing any real offense outside the odd walk. He looks hurt and vulnerable, like the oldest elk in the herd. It does, however, make the Cards bench much, much worse. Craig’s pinch-hitting heroics are key to this series and without him the Cards bench looks like…well it looks like whoever between Nick Punto and Ryan Theriot starts the game on the bench. Which isn’t much. For a guy who loves to make in-game moves, this limits a lot of what TLR can do. Advantage: Rangers???