Well, that was unexpected. Tony La Russa announced his retirement at a press conference in St. Louis today.

One of the most decorated and celebrated managers of all time, La Russa finishes his career with the third-highest managerial win total of all time. He won the World Series title with the Oakland A’s in 1989 and, of course, with St. Louis Cardinals in 2006 & 2011.

This announcement creates more questions than it answers for the Cardinals. What does it mean for ace pitching coach and LaRussa consigliere Dave Duncan? Does this deal a blow to the Cards chances of signing Albert Pujols?

Congratulations to Tony La Russa for a terrific career. Anytime you can piss this many people off, you must be doing something right. P.S. Don’t be afraid to call a cab after your retirement luncheon. Just a tip.

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  1. Who here would not mind Dave Duncan coming to Toronto? (I know it is not going to happen but shit what else is there to talk about?)

  2. Retiring while on top is the most genius-ish and TLR-ish thing he’s ever done.

  3. I hear he did it because he was finding it difficult trying to ruin Colby Rasmus’ career from hundreds of miles away. Now with his free time he can follow the Jays, making crank calls and heckling Rasmus in the media.

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