Happy Fielding Awards Controversy Day! If you can remember all the way back to three hours ago, you recall a post on the Fielding Bible Awards in which Carlos Gonzalez received a single first-place vote for his play in left field for the Colorado Rockies.

Recalling back even further, all the way to yesterday, you remember Parkes listing the Gold Gloves nominees. Conspicuous in his abscense from that last was Carlos Gonzalez. Guess who isn’t too happy with that development? Carlos Gonzalez.

CarGo dispatched his crack PR team to send forth his comments on this egregious oversight in the world of Carlos Gonzalez, via the Denver Post.

“I’m very happy and satisfied with my work on (defense) this year. I’m very pleased with the assists I reached to help the team. It might be I’m out of the players selected to this award because I play multiple positions, but I’m willing to do what the manager and the team need. To me, first is the team, and that’s an individual award.

Unfortunately for Gonzo, the Gold Glove voters have it somewhat right. The Rockies outfielder put significant time in all three postions, logging 518 innings in left, 248.1 in centre and 295 in right. The advanced numbers, with all sample size provisos in place, don’t scream “career year with the glove.”

Don’t worry, Gonzalez. The results of Tango’s fan voting show your ability to cover vast swathes of the Coors Field expanse does not go unnoticed. The nerds have your back. Plus – your teammates think all that team-first crap is great, I’m sure.