As Mr. Parkes detailed yesterday, the MLB Network plans to roll out the Gold Glove winners tonight in a flurry of zazz to address the flagging popularity slash relevance of the awards, not to mention providing crucial content to the MLBN during the depths of November.

The list isn’t bad, all things being equal. But the real fielding hardware dropped yesterday when the good men and women behind the Fielding Bible announced their award winners. The full list and other good stuff, as always, revealed below the jump.

Matt Wieters – C 14 n/a
Albert Pujols- 1B 3 2.4
Dustin Pedroia – 2B 13 17.9
Adrian Beltre – 3B 17 11.2
Troy Tulowitzki – SS 11 7.3
Brett Gardner – LF 22 25.2
Austin Jackson – CF 22 7.9
Justin Upton – RF 3 7.7
Mark Buehrle – P 9 n/a

I find it very difficult to argue with any of the names on this list. Looking at the final vote tallies we can get crazy semantic if you want but the list above, to me, represents the best fielders in baseball this season.

Looking at the voting, there wasn’t a single unanimous winner. Brett Gardiner was the closest, nabbing 99 of a possible 100 points. The lone dissenting vote came from Tom Tango’s fan voting, who collectively supported Carlos Gonzalez.

Everybody’s new favourite player Adrian Beltre notched 98 with Evan Longoria picking up first-place votes from Bill James and Doug Glanville. Red Sox second baseman and nobody-outside-of-New England’s favorite player Dustin Pedroia scored 97, grabbing 7 of the 10 first-place votes. Brandon Phillips, Chase Utley, and Ben Zobrist were also considered the best at their position.

The Fielding Bible awards are a great example of taking scouting and advanced stats to the next level. Reading the winners rundown you get a greater sense of what goes into the voting and decision making, tracking “good fielding plays” versus “defensive misplays.” The element of human error and subjectivity is offset by the ability to acknowledge great plays and track these plays in a league-wide context.

As for your local nine, very little love for Blue Jays defenders in the Fielding Bible community. Ricky Romero nabbed 16 points, making him the only Jays player to actually land on a leaderboard. Yunel Escobar received the 13 points while J.P. Arencibia picked up 5 points, Jose Bautista scored 4 points and Adam Lind 3.

Just wait until next year when this award, like so many others, is re-named in Brett Lawrie’s honour. Going to be a big year, you guys.