A Sudden Realization

The good ol’ Getting Blanked crew had a brief editorial meeting yesterday to go over our plan for the off season with the powers that be, and as we started discussing some ideas for specific content centered around Hall Of Fame voting it occurred to me that this will be the last year I’ll give the results any mind whatsoever.

You see, a certain former member of the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants will become eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2013, and when he’s not voted in by the archaic, moral grandstanding and self aggrandized gatekeepers for Cooperstown, I will be unable to ever acknowledge the existence of what will become far too great of anĀ embarrassmentĀ to the game of baseball.

Here is a public service announcement in which Barry Bonds promotes the fund he created in order to help Bryan Stow’s family send their children to college.

When one considers the racists, criminals and even a murderer who currently comprise baseball’s Hall of Fame, it becomes glaringly obvious that there is no moral code of conduct for entry. I realize that there are several allegations against Bonds that suggest he engaged in inexcusably violent behaviour during a career in which he no doubt used steroids to build and maintain his strength. However, as much fun as it might be to exist in a world of black and white dichotomies, it’s not accurate.

Bonds was well known to have donated time and money to a variety of charities and individuals in need during his baseball career. He simply chose not to do it through his public relations firm’s megaphone or in a fashion that pandered to media members who disliked his lack of interest in humouring their requests for quotes.

Again, I don’t bring this up as a means of suggesting that this is why the Baseball Writers Association of America will be wrong when they don’t vote Bonds into the Hall. I mention it in the hopes that it might cause one to reconsider their perception of the man.

If I wanted to make a case for his Hall of Fame candidacy, I might link to this. Or post this:

Or encourage people to watch this:

This is all that one should need to reach decision as to his deserving membership among the best players to ever play baseball.