To spare you another look at the ghoulish visage of one Peter Angelos, please accept this cherry-picked image of a franchise in the depths of despair. A fanbase disillusioned with their meddling, incompetent owner, who is an easy and obvious scapegoat for all the ills of the team.

When Tony LaCava bowed out of the running to become the Orioles next general manager, the Orioles fanbase rose up like and lashed out against their cruel overlord, taking to the comment sections and twitters with an uncommon rage.

The key comments from LaCava, sparking the outrage, read politely enough.

“When I decided to interview, it wasn’t that I was looking to leave. But there are only 30 GM positions and I was interested in it. When I weighed both at the end of the day, I just didn’t feel I could leave the Blue Jays.

“I am working in a great place, a job that I love. It’s just as simple as that.”

Safe enough, though isn’t likely a man goes through two interviews — in Baltimore of all places — he sends pretty loud signals that he is more than just window shopping.

Some highlights from the Baltimore Sun’s Orioles Insider post on LaCava’s decision, all of which are certainly worth a read. (Consider it heavily sic’d)

  • That says so much about the situation the O’s are in with Angelos and family.

    So now we head into the opening of free agent season without a GM.

    Oh wait, lets let Angelos take care of all the free agent negotiations, yeah that will turn out great…..pathetic.

  • HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! And the sickening beat goes on. THE ORIOLES ARE INSIPID LOSERS….Period. They let Dipoto go because of their constant foot dragging. Angelos and this team eat it.
  • He’s lying. What a joke this organization is. Why would he interview twice if he wasn’t interested in the position? He wanted the job, something happened to turn him off (big surprise there) and he went back to Toronto.
  • Like so many before me, I’m officially done. Angelos is a POS and has ruined this city’s beloved baseball team.

    Now I have to buy the MLB package and buy a new gear for a new team.

    For those who say I’m turning my back on the O’S . . .They’ve turned their back on me for the past 14 years by choosing profits over their fans

  • Okay Bird fans, here’s the new scenario. Since Peter the Great has basically run this team as a fantasy baseball program for most years of his reign, let’s truly make it official. Let’s hire another duo team to general manage. Keep it all in the family and the great one can name his sons, Louie & Dewey as GM’s. Or is it Louie & Hughie! Or Screwy & Phooey! Oh well, who cares who comes in as GM as it’s a lost cause! The only reason I as a fan can accept for LaCava spurning the O’s, is he didn’t feel secure with Showalter’s perceived control with off field decisions.
  • You should have known all along that Angels only wants a yes man for Showalter. Stockstill or some other crony will be the figurehead.

And on and on it goes. Frustrated, feed up fans lashing out the ownership of their club, unwilling to get away from a dated business model and old-fashioned business of baseball practices.

Now, newpaper column commenters are hardly the most well-balanced among us, but the sentiments here seem reasonable enough. The hyperbole is less apparent than the overall contempt for the direction of the club.

Orioles blogger Jon Shepard of Camden Depot offers a more measured approach, accepting the Angelos problem as intractable and trying to move on past the pain.

I think it might be presumptuous to say it had to do with limitations placed by Angelos on him. Frankly, we do not know and it does not really matter. If Angelos is a problem, he is a constant. He will not change, so we must focus on the part of the team that can change.

“…a constant. He will not change.” Is that not some of the most depressing stuff you’ve heard? There is no hope, only acceptance. No bargaining, no depression. Just the numbing knowledge that this is how it will be forevermore.

There is no knight in a white Ripken jersey read to burst forth and save the team from itself. There is only Angelos and Showalter. Buck and Peter the Great. Doom. Despair. Pestilence. Abandon all hope, ye who enter Eutaw Street.

His name is Angelos, king of kings: Look on his works, ye Mighty, and despair!