Greetings, friends! It is the first Getting Blanked podcast of the Capital-O off-season! From the highs of the World Series drama to the lows of free agent rosterbation, here we are in November.

We have the good fortune of being joined by one Carson Cistulli, head dude of Notgraphs and host of Fangraphs Audio. We discuss baseball and joy and hatred, almost in that order!

You can always download it directly or stream it with Quicktime right here.

The Getting Blanked podcast will continue all winter long so we, your dutiful servants, want to make sure we can get you the goods in good time. How do we feel about Fridays? Do you find yourself willing and able to check out the podcast on this, the most mailed-in of all workdays?

Let us know in the comments and we will make sure to hook you up with the good stuff in the best way possible. We’re selfless like that.

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