What Would Jerry Maguire Do?

Last week, John McDonald bid adieu to returning to the Toronto Blue Jays, instead signing a two year contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks worth a total of $3 million. It’s a good deal for the defensive minded shortstop, one that likely wouldn’t have been matched by the Blue Jays or very many other teams on the free agent market, and certainly not this early on in the off season.

While quotes from manager Kirk Gibson praising McDonald’s work ethic and attitude were used as justification for the deal, there was another factor at play. The Diamondbacks had a 2012 mutual option with infielder Willie Bloomquist for $1.1 million. The team exercised their portion of the deal, but Bloomquist turned it down.

Over the following days, missed calls and general miscommunication led to Bloomquist’s agent not being able to get in touch with Arizona. The Diamondbacks, one assumes, were tired of waiting and wanted to get their back up infielder issue resolved and so, extended a two year contract offer to McDonald who readily accepted.

Here’s the thing: Bloomquist is represented by super agent Scott Boras. Considering the clientèle who call Scott Boras their agent, it’s somewhat surprising that a player, not known for his defence, who has a career weighted on base average below .300 would be represented by the best agent in the business. It’s purely speculation, but could it be that an agency with far bigger fish to fry didn’t make himself available at an important time for his client?

Here’s what Boras has to say:

Is it our duty to be in touch with them every hour on the hour so we know nobody else signed? When you want someone, you go get them. We’re not the employer. They offer the contracts and pay the money. We don’t. It sounds to me like what happened is, they got upset when Willie opted out. They got emotional and they went out and signed a guy who hit .169.

Perhaps if the agent had spent more time with his client up front, he wouldn’t have had to spend so much effort slamming the Diamondbacks and their new back up shortstop.

While it may not be his duty to check in on a team every hour on the hour, it is his job to ensure that his client gets the best deal possible. Willie Bloomquist isn’t Prince Fielder. I don’t think it’s a given that Bloomquist will get $1.1 million on the free agent market.

And while the former Diamondbacks’ shortstop may have a better batting average than McDonald, it should be noted that with a similar amount of playing time over their respective careers, the player who agreed to terms with Arizona, has proven to be almost twice as valuable to his team, based largely on his exceptional defence.

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  1. lol this would have all been a clever put down, if the client he mishandled, wasn’t, you know, willie fuckin bloomquist..

    Who’s career high WAR of 0.7 was posted 9 freakin years ago..

    The dbacks had a simple decision, Johnny Mac for a 2 year 3 million buck deal or bloomquist and have to deal with boras.

    given the fact that both provide similar performance (albeit in difference ways) its a pretty understandable move.

    it is funny tho how this is the second jerk whos called out john mcdonald, who by all accounts is a fucking nice guy who hasn’t done anything to anyone

  2. Scott Boras I thought you were above such terrible comments…oh wait…no I didn’t…what a dick.

  3. Last person to slam John McDonld was John Lackey on May 11, 2001 when Johnny Mac had a double, homer and 3 RBIs off Lackey. Look what happened to Lackey. That’s a smal sample size. :P Scott Boras should not tempt fate and start a trend and doom himself and/or his representation Bloomquist.

  4. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Willie gets more than $1.1 mill on his next contract. In my mind, if he does it vindicates Boras. Who cares what he says about the Dbacks or JMac if he secures his client a better contract. It’s not like Prince Fielder is going to drop Boras because of his .169 comment.

    Willie might suck, but he’s been sucking for years and getting contracts. Though he’s turning 34, I don’t see the trend changing now.

  5. Really? We couldn’t (or wouldn’t) have signed Johnny to that kind of contract? I mean I get that he wanted the security of getting a quick contract for good money, but for people to say “o well, the Jays wouldn’t have wanted to guarantee a second year (at 1.5M) anyway” is preposterous. Unless its true, in which case its pathetic and vindicates the ‘Rogers are cheap’ truthers so much that I’ll have to join them. In fact, I’m lighting my pitchfork even as I type this.

    Actually, we should sign Bloomquist, make him wear #6 and give him a standing ovation any time anyone sees him anywhere. Kind of like how I make a point of sleeping with an ugly chick within a week of breaking up with a girlfriend.

    • It wasn’t about not having $3M to spend – locking up a 37-year-old who can’t hit for multiple years simply isn’t a great use of roster space. And as the other commentator mentioned, they forfeited first dibs by trading him away in the first place. I honestly think AA moved Mac in the KJ deal as much to dodge the pressure to re-sign him to a major league contract this offseason as anything.

  6. Just in case you forgot, he was signed prior to free agency being open. The Jays did not have the chance to sign him yet so we will never know if he may have come back or not. I am happy for Johnny Mac. If this is what he wants and he will be happy there, then good for him.

  7. Interesting question arises…would you rather have a solid defensive backup with no bat or a better bat with no glove? I’d lean towards having a glove capable of playing almost anywhere rather than the bat who you’d have to hide in the field.

  8. An agent? A dick? I’m shocked.

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