Loose Lips Sink Baseball Teams

Over the weekend, our friends from Joe Sports Fan got their hands on a recording of Ron Washington’s pregame speech ahead of Game Seven of the World Series.

It’s everything you would expect from the Texas Rangers manager, including bad language and quotes from the Three Musketeers, but sadly no mention of anything being “very difficult.”

JSF’s Matt Sebek claims that he got his hands on the audio through a member of the Rangers clubhouse staff which hasn’t gone over very well with Texas GM Jon Daniels.

It’s unacceptable for this type of thing to be out there. It was a private moment for the team, not meant for anyone else’s ears. We’re looking into it, probably won’t have additional comments until we’ve finished that process.

Sure, no one wants the inner circle of a clubhouse broken, but if anything the profanity laced pep talk paints Washington in a good light. Throughout the playoffs, it seemed to many as though his on field actions, be it hugging it out with Derek Holland or dancing like a maniac after a run was scored, were more for the benefit of nearby cameras than genuine responses to what was happening.

Prior to Game Seven, Washington was asked what kind of inspirational words he had for his team, and he told the media that it wasn’t necessary because his team didn’t need anything beyond the situation to be motivated. So, maybe all that running on the spot and whirling of arms wasn’t premeditated.

I’m not sure which is worse.