Update: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO They took it down. All the more reason to read Goldstein’s recap below.

Update 2: It’s back!

The reason the internet exists today is this perfectly ridiculous video of Cuban prospect Yoenis Cespedes. Please, please read Kevin Goldstein’s amazing second-by-second breakdown of the video because he’s a scouting professional and this video deserves your utmost attention.

Please please don’t ask if Alex Anthopoulos should sign him. Obviously he will. Pig-killing communist cyborg baseballbots are the new inefficiency.

Comments (9)

  1. He is a freak. wow.

  2. Strong latin american presence on team, potential all cuban up the middle (escobar and adeiny), in canada so family can visit/watch, no superstar locked up to long term deal potentially blocking him. It seems like an easy sell if aa thinks hes worth the 35 mil.

  3. Anyone with the good taste to use “Sailing” by Chris Cross in their highlight video is a future G.O.A.T. this is an undeniable fact.

  4. Personally I think we should sign the fly ball shagger from 14:20. That dude would be an improvement over Thames :)

  5. but can he play 2nd base?

  6. Did anyone take note of his age? Born October 1985. The dude is 26 for this coming season. Not exactly a prospect. Don’t see a pig roasting on a spit in too many recruiting vids. I was hoping they’d go back and play “Sailing” for that portion too. Would have been a nice touch.

  7. All the money to Cespedes.

  8. My personal favourite is that they admit in the scrolling biography that he “dropped a fly ball” to let 2 runs score in the 2009 WBC , insinuating that was the play that denied Cuba a chance to play in the Final Four. Ouch

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