If you read MLB Trade Rumors, you are probably aware of the Miami (weird) Marlins sniffing around just about every free agent of note. After reports of Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder and Joses Reyes catching the Marlins roaming eye surfaced yesterday, today the Marlins are meeting with free agent pitcher Mark Buhelre. The Marlins are also considered front-runners for Cuban multimedia sensation Yoenis Cespedes, owing to his Cubanity and the need to fill a new ballpark with people. Many people in Miami are Cuban. The money just prints itself at this point.

With an entirely new roster and a new ballpark, the team is set to unveil their new uniforms. Or did they already?

The short answer – no they did not. The Marlins blogosphere (such as it is) was atwitter last week when some just-goofy-enough-to-be-true uniform specs surfaced. They made their rounds quickly, as these uniform issues tend to.

Wow, how very Marlins. Except these uniforms aren’t official in any way. They are mock-ups created by an industrious message board-trolling fan based on the bits and bobs of leaked stuff. Authorities on the matter suggest this isn’t too far off the actual, approved new look.

Does the pursuit of these free agents signal more than just a re-brand for the Marlins franchise? Perhaps this dramatic new look is the first step towards a completely new approach to conducting their business, getting out of the “PSV of baseball” mould and into actually building a more conventional business model?

So long as Jeffrey Loria is the owner…I’m going to say no. A lot of this Marlins stuff could end up being some “damn, just missed’em” pre-PR. Unless the Marlins really are taking their shot – building around their young core with key veterans, overpayment be damned. The depth of the NL East makes even that a risky proposition but that is what the Marlins brand is, apparently, all about – taking crazy risks, preferably with somebody else’s money.