I’m really impressed with all three of the new San Diego Padres jerseys that were unveiled earlier this evening. It’s nice to see that all three designs shown have a more clean, simple and classic look than the 2011 versions that they’re replacing. The three jerseys, from left to right are the home, away and alternate designs. All three of them get my approval.

For more on the new three jerseys and redesigned logos (thank God they revived the original swinging friar logo as an alternate logo) from someone who actually knows what he’s writing about, check out what Getting Blanked contributor Chris Creamer has to say over at SportsLogos.net.

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  1. I agree that they’re better than the last few attempts, but they’re still so BORING. They need to return to using brown/orange/yellow. That’s their thing. Like Chris said when talking about the Jays logos and uniforms, there’s very little connecting the current Padres to Tony Gwynn and Dave Winfield.

  2. Also they need to drop the propaganda uniforms

  3. If only they had a fourth jersey to use those colours with.

  4. I like the fatigues the most because baseball is like war.

  5. My dad served. God bless America.

    They tell me he was a priest.

  6. I love the camo uniforms cuz it lets them go America all over everyone’s asses. ROCK FLAG & EEEEAGLE!!!

  7. Umm. What’s the difference?

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