Willie Bloomquist is not a very good baseball player. For the last nine seasons, he’s offered the Seattle Mariners, Kansas City Royals, Cincinnati Reds and most recently the Arizona Diamondbacks consistently below average, barely above replacement play on both offense and defense, while playing every position but pitcher and catcher.

After already signing the similarly offensively impinged John McDonald for two years at $3 million earlier this off season, Diamondbacks GM Kevin Towers and Bloomquist today agreed to terms on another two year deal, this one for $3.8 million.

For the next two years, the team will now be paying $3.4 million annually to two obvious bench players to fill a very similar role. With the cheaper of the two at least offering some value defensively, re-signing Bloomquist is the epitome of a questionable decision.

I understand it’s not for a lot of money and that the middle infield situation in Arizona, with Stephen Drew injured and Aaron Hill unsigned, is far from resolved, but if you feel as though it’s necessary to have both Bloomquist and McDonald on the same team, I think you’ve got some serious organizational problems for which the money spent on paying those two players might be better spent on a future solution.