I know the A’s are operating on a budget and I know the team is willing to listen on just about anybody not named Jemile Weeks. But this team is taking their money-saving tactics to new depths.

Sure, Ryan Sweeney is a plus fielder but, seriously, expecting Sweeney to simultaneously cover all three outfield spots at the spacious Coliseum is a bit much, even for the man who wrote, directed, and starred in Moneyball. Have a little respect for your fanbase, Beane!

And no DH? I recognize paying somebody just to hit isn’t a great investment but you need somebody to do that job. Get it together, William! I suppose any one of your four first basemen could fill that void. Old habits die hard, my friend.

Hat tip to the alarmingly astute Erika Gilbert of the National Post. If you don’t follow her, change that right this instant.

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  1. Nice of a NatPo writer not to acknowledge the ACTUAL source of the link, super lame.


    • That’s a bit of an assumption on your part, is it not. As a baseball writer, Gilbert could easily come across this information independent of the Internet’s festering butthole.

      • Coincidentally 24 hours after the original is posted? Doubtful. It was all over /r/baseball yesterday afternoon.

        • Again, that doesn’t mean she read it there. I certainly didn’t. Again, not everyone reads reddit. Some people enjoy the sight of the Earth’s yellow sun and the feeling of another’s touch.

          What I’m trying to say is message boards barely count. Though this makes me laugh.

          • Haha, that pic is dead on. Although it is nice to be the one finding the nuggets sometimes.

            Anyway, you’re right. I should stop being a cynical basement dweller and start believing in people’s good nature — it’s just so hard when there’s no baseball to watch :(

          • No love for FARK? :(

        • This is blatantly stolen from reddit. Not a big deal, especially because it’s the first time i’ve seen this site do that

          • To steal from Reddit, shouldn’t one actually read Reddit? I certainly don’t.

          • Isn’t it possible that, being a baseball writer, Gilbert went to the A’s depth chart to find some information on their roster and stumbled upon it independently of Reddit? I actually noticed this yesterday myself, independent of both Gilbert AND Reddit because I wanted to find out who their 3Bman was (If you can call Scott Sizemore that).

          • All these things are possible. But they almost exact title lends me to believe that your source may not be all that astute

      • Really not a big deal, but it’s just impolite yknow?

  2. AA has to figure out a trade for Bailey centered around Eric Thames.

    • You really think the Jays are going to give Snider a real chance in 2012 after all the mismanagement in past years? I would doubt it. I’m not even sure he deserves it at this point either.

      Cespedes is going to be the new Jays LF anyway.

      • I think they should. And that he definitely deserves it, unless they plan on competing from the get go, in which case his significant upside should be traded for present value.

  3. The New Market Inefficiency: 1 outfielder

  4. If Gilbert is the sports copy editor for the National Post I assume she’s the one who wrote the caption for EKoreen’s article on baseball’s best “unrestricted free agents” and then didn’t acknowledge me at all when it was changed within minutes after I tweeted @NationalPost. Seems to be a recurring theme here.

  5. This is why if you want a good source for the Oakland A’s depth charts you would go here:



  7. I can’t believe that you missed just how much of a genius Billie Bean is. He obviously invented human cloning. Based on that picture he must be able to grow a Sweeney clone in time for spring training.
    I can just see it now, Moneyball 2: Attack of the Clones

  8. To the people who made comments about Erika Gilbert: you have no idea what you are talking about. But go ahead and connect more non-existent dots! Good luck solving those Encyclopedia Brown mysteries.

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