I know the A’s are operating on a budget and I know the team is willing to listen on just about anybody not named Jemile Weeks. But this team is taking their money-saving tactics to new depths.

Sure, Ryan Sweeney is a plus fielder but, seriously, expecting Sweeney to simultaneously cover all three outfield spots at the spacious Coliseum is a bit much, even for the man who wrote, directed, and starred in Moneyball. Have a little respect for your fanbase, Beane!

And no DH? I recognize paying somebody just to hit isn’t a great investment but you need somebody to do that job. Get it together, William! I suppose any one of your four first basemen could fill that void. Old habits die hard, my friend.

Hat tip to the alarmingly astute Erika Gilbert of the National Post. If you don’t follow her, change that right this instant.