In their never-ending quest for relevance, the Baltimore Orioles unveiled a new/old cap for the 2012 season. The cartoon bird returns! Gone is the stately bird which all-too-closely resembled something classy and/or professional. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear the O’s were trying to disavow any knowledge of the last two decades of baseball in Baltimore!

The jersey changes are minimal and the Orioles still have a highly badass colour scheme to call their own. Twitter straw polling suggests the cartoon bird is nearly as popular as the previous version. Friend of the blog Kevin Kaduk proudly announces his cartoon allegiance over at Big League Stew.

What are your thought, Getting Blankards? Chris Creamer of Sports Logos has the full ornithology of the O’s new look. How does this new hybrid cartoon bird stack up?

Image above lovingly culled from the official Orioles page. Wait, culled? What a poor, poor choice of words.