In their never-ending quest for relevance, the Baltimore Orioles unveiled a new/old cap for the 2012 season. The cartoon bird returns! Gone is the stately bird which all-too-closely resembled something classy and/or professional. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear the O’s were trying to disavow any knowledge of the last two decades of baseball in Baltimore!

The jersey changes are minimal and the Orioles still have a highly badass colour scheme to call their own. Twitter straw polling suggests the cartoon bird is nearly as popular as the previous version. Friend of the blog Kevin Kaduk proudly announces his cartoon allegiance over at Big League Stew.

What are your thought, Getting Blankards? Chris Creamer of Sports Logos has the full ornithology of the O’s new look. How does this new hybrid cartoon bird stack up?

Image above lovingly culled from the official Orioles page. Wait, culled? What a poor, poor choice of words.

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  1. This officially makes them look like a minor league, no wait… a little league team. WTF is there a Cartoon Bear on their Hat. wow… This is worse then the Marlins uniforms…

    • Ha, completely minor league looking. I’m going to start calling them the Bad News Birds as an alternative to the OriLOLs.

  2. I don’t mind it and I love the orange jerseys, but I kind of wish it was only on one alternate (like the “O’s” on their last set of hats). The other bird was awesome. Professional and elegant. This one is campy and the the white paneled hats look like something a trucker would wear. I guess it does feed into the notion that the Orioles are kind of a joke, or not a real baseball franchise.

  3. Does anyone in that photo look at all happy to be there?

  4. Shoulda used comic sans.

  5. I really like it, honestly.

  6. Ergh. Why don’t they like the current logo again? I thought it was fine.

  7. White panelled caps are the worst. I’m going to hate Toronto’s new uniform if they do the same.

  8. I was a big fan of the regular-looking Oriole…it made for a beautiful ballcap. These aren’t too bad either, although they really don’t do anything to dispel the OriLOLs image. I could spend all day looking at old MLB logos.

  9. Big Chief Wahoo laughs at this bird.

  10. Somebody in marketing should contact Rovio and sponsor Angry Birds night for upcoming Jays vs Orioles games.

  11. I’m kind of indifferent on these changes – I actually like the road grey/black cap combination, but there’s something about that tri-coloured white panel cap that just doesn’t sit right with me for some reason.

    If Hardy were wearing Jones’ cap in that picture, those alt uniforms would look great. But just not a fan of all those colours on the white panel caps.

  12. Cartoon bird for a cartoon team. Seems legit to me.

  13. I don’t like the white panels. I was a fan of their old ones with the elegant bird on a black hat.

  14. This symbol should never have left. It is the best symbol in the MLB in my opinion. Looks fantastic. I will be buying one of the black hats.

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