Two More Sleeps

On Friday at noon, the Toronto Blue Jays will reveal their new logo and uniforms. Fortunately for local fans, it appears as though Jays Shop, the team’s retail store inside Toronto’s largest downtown shopping mall, is preparing itself for some brand new merchandise for which they can overcharge the masses.

Make sure to keep the mouse button hovering over your Getting Blanked bookmark, as we’ll have pictures of the new designs shortly after they become available.

Thanks to @CanAsianMe for the photo.

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  1. so, who will be you stealing the pics from on Friday?

    Garbage picker.

  2. You’re smart and a good writer. Friendly advice: spend more time writing your own thoughts and opinions and less time picking apart those of others.

    It’s getting a bit old and it’s starting to look like you’re needlessly piggy-backing on the work of others, i.e. Cox, BBWAA. You’re merely pointing out the obvious to us.

    You’re better than that, and your readers deserver better too.

    • Harsh words……

    • Friendly advice: find a story to make this comment on which it bears actual relevance to.

      • While he might have been able to pick a better post to comment on, his thoughts none the less are incredibly true.

        I have been reading Parkes’ writings for several years now dating well back to the days of DJF; while I often find myself agreeing with their criticisms of guys in the mainstream media like Cox/Griffin/Elliot et. al., I can’t help but think it lends credence to those guys defence of journalism vs blogosphere.

        Personally I think Parkes is an exceptional writer (although I enjoyed it far more on DJF where he wasn’t nearly as censored), but far too much of this blog has been focused on criticizing other’s work rather than new genuine content.

        Don’t get me wrong many journalists will criticize others in their respective paper from time to time, but usually it is over far more egregious issues than is usually criticized here.

        Sincerely a loyal follower

    • Wow…heck of a story to put this comment on. Well played, tone.*

      (* read above with extreme sarcasm)

    • It’s funny. I just checked out this guy’s previous comments on the blog and he’s written a half dozen times always criticizing Getting Blanked for not being more like mainstream media.

      Unfortunately for Mr. Tone’s taste, I am not “better” than that.

      • I actually agree with Mr. Tone. Not that I want you to be more like Damien Cox, but that the us vs. them / those with access vs. bloggers thing is a bit played out.

        Feel free to check my commenting history, I think it’s consistent.

        • I think it’s up to bloggers to point out the laziness of mainstream media sports reporter, who write columns with no real research or thought.

          And I can’t wrap my head around most of the statistics Parkes cites either, so I’m no ‘baseball nerd’. I simply like well-thought-out pieces like last week’s ‘Trade Bautista?’ piece. You think Griffin or Cox would have ever, ever taken the time to logically walk through that?

          Without risking sounding like a fan-boy, Parkes and Drew and Stoeten are simply fantastic at what they do – provide reasoned arguments/opinions on all aspects of a sport.

          The mainstream guys are the ones who should be writing these types of columns, and if they’re not they should be reading Getting Blanked and taking the criticism constructively, because it would make them a helluva lot better at their jobs.

          Because right now, the only thing the MSM has better than this blog, is access. That’s indisputable.

      • I don’t get the us vs. them cine from Parkes at all. He’s just ad much of an assole to bloggers as he is to media types. I think what he’s trying to say is that this is a blog and that tone guy is wishing it were a column. For the record, I think Parkes is great at what he does. One of the best.

    • Naw, this and DJF are one of only a few baseball blog sites that keep me interested.

  3. Do we know if the Store will be open on Friday? Or do we have to wait a day? :( Jonesing for this new merch

  4. Jays are planning the merchandise and fielder signing both on friday.

  5. Jays Shop @ Rogers Centre says the following:

    Please note: Jays Shop will be closed for renovations from November 11 – November 18th and re-opening on November 19th.

    Maybe if you ask nicely you can get in on Friday!

  6. More like Tone Deaf amirite!?

    Seriously though, if you really read GB as much as you claim you’d know that the vast majority of what Drew, Parkes and company write about is overwhelmingly composed of original content.

    Over the last season, I’d argue that only about 10% of what they write about is critical of journalists. And I tend to agree with their criticisms most of the time.

    Further, I’d argue that blogs like this are the only place I can get a breakdown of a past game/player etc. with specific, researched analysis.

    When’s the last time you saw Griffin et al do anything other than overly subjective analysis?

    I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with pointing out issues with this site, it’s just that it seems your criticisms are a wee bit unfounded.


    *not employed by Getting Blanked.

  7. Any idea when this stuff will be available in western Canada? So far it looks awesome and I’m gonna want some cool shit and support my homies at jersey city.

  8. Will the unveiling be televised on television?

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