By now you’ve likely seen the new logo and had a chance to get familiar with the majesty of the Toronto Blue Jays’ new alternate blue jerseys. But just in case the space inside your heart that’s marked for baseball uniform appreciation isn’t full already, we’ve got you covered.

The Score’s Chris Suppa went down to Rogers Centre today to take some photos of the unveiling, and the results are after the jump:

I haven’t seen this much second base action since the Peterborough Baptist youth group meetings I used to go to when I was thirteen.

The only thing colder than this ice sculpture is incessantly reminding Blue Jays fans that their team hasn’t been in the playoffs since 1993.

Sadly, I couldn’t be there in person to see the unveiling of the new logo. But at least my lesbian nana could make it. #BeestMode

My favourite thing said about the new uniforms came from Jose Bautista, who rarely suffers from a lack of confidence: “I couldn’t have designed them better myself.”

Awesome. I’m glad the powers that be got the team’s latest interplanetary signing, Zolgad IV, to model the new uniforms as well. This is going to really increase the team’s marketing efforts on his home planet, which is also called Zolgad IV.

Images courtesy of Chris Suppa. Give him a follow on Twitter.

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  1. This makes me so happy. I can’t even…I don’t even…I’m just so… *passes out*

  2. swoon swoon swoon

  3. This is just all so awesome that is has to be fake, right? Did they REALLY get it this ‘right’? I mean, REALLY?

    Pardon the joke, but the Blue Jays front office really hit today out of the park. I’ve said many times that I had no problem with the black jerseys and the most recent logo, but this is just too good to be true.

    Well done, Blue Jays… well done.

  4. “Zolgad IV” – ha-ha! But can he play first base? Actually he probably can, and patrol center field while he’s at it.

    • But the Jays are still screwed for second base unless they can get someone from Dustin’s Baptist youth group.

  5. I was thinking more Silver Surfer. With that surf board he sure would cover a lot of ground at second base!!!

  6. It still seems odd that a sport, where running and some physical exertion is involved, uses a leather belt with a metal buckle. Football pants use a D ring and nylon strap now. I don’t think I run as well in a leather belt with a buckle. And, diving for a ball on your stomach brings at least some risk of the buckle impacting the “soft underbelly”. That’s all.

    Cool unis tho, like that blue is the dominant colour again.

  7. Don’t you hate pants?!

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