In keeping with the theme of today, the Getting Blanked podcast fires up its very own wayback machine, somehow managing to land a very exciting guest. Former Jays outfielder and author of the very insightful The Way of Baseball, Mr. Shawn Green (!) joins us to talk Cito, mental stillness, and Carlos [Getting Blanked]ing Delgado.

Parkes, Stoeten and I first tackle the new Wild Card format and the Astros move to the American League. To summarize, it means things…

You can always download it directly or stream it with Quicktime right here.

We often get feedback on the music which plays between segments on the Getting Blanked Podcast. The amazing The Constantines and Arts & Crafts Records have been very kind to us since we started the show this spring.

However, not all the music you’ve heard this year has been from the A&C. We’ve done a lot of shows and try to avoid repeating music so, sometimes, we must stretch beyond the songs they graciously provide us to, let’s say, mixed results.

In the interest of broadening the pool from which we can draw music and supporting an awesome label, we would like to thank Deathwish Records for offering up some new music for the Getting Blanked show.

Based out of Boston and started by Jacob Bannon of Converge. Deathwish is home to some of the very best and hardest-working heavy bands in the business. Today’s show features tracks by Touché Amoré and Victims, be sure to check them out if you’re into it. Look for more Deathwish stuff making its way into each week’s show.

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