We got our first view of the new logo at the Toronto Blue Jays official website, but thankfully, Chris Creamer at the invaluable SportsLogos.net, has a full sized graphic of the team’s glorious and long overdue new brand. Fellow Blue Jays fans, it’s almost as though we have a real team again.

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  1. Wow. I liked the leaked version, but with the baseball and text added, that looks AMAZING.

  2. Wow. looks incredible.

  3. It looks good, About time they went back to the early 90s style.

  4. Really, really great! Guess the ball isn’t on the caps or unis…but I’m happy they didn’t ditch the ball completely cuz that looks amazing. Love it!

  5. First off, love it. Absolutely agree with them going back to the original blue jays bird logo.

    A couple of nit pick items: The word “Toronto” is smaller font then “Blue Jays. As well the word Toronto is used with 1 solid line whereas Blue Jays uses the double line.


  7. I have a lot of little things I don’t like about it, but I’m so happy they went back to this.

  8. Going back to our roots that landed 2 World Series Championship titles. LOVE IT! and with the 2nd wildcard team and the crumbling of Boston and the beginning of New York I like our chances.

  9. If they put this logo on a fanny pack, I would start wearing said fanny pack.

  10. Love the logo but the typography is terrible. Modified Copperplate?

  11. I approve of this logo.

  12. Big thumbs down.

  13. Good stuff. I can dig it.

  14. Big thumbs up. Happy bird is much better than angry bird.

  15. Big thumbs up. It may not be perfect, but I can identify with this and cheer for this. Go Jays go!

  16. Love it. Two typefaces is confusing and kinda ugly, though.

  17. Yes, correct the lettering and we have a smash hit. Almost there….they couldn’t have done this last year? Of course…I just bought a Robbie Alomar HOF retro jersey cus the Lawrie Jays jerseys were atrocities…but now, a Lawrie Jays jersey would rock!

  18. Don’t understand the mishmash of lettering (it’s like that horrible script that the Jets trotted out that looks nothing like their other logos), but other than that it’s pretty great.

  19. now all we need is a new stadium!

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