According to Jose Bautista, he couldn’t have designed better uniforms himself. In the parlance of our times, that alternate blue jersey is boss.

More pictures and a video after the jump:

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  1. These jerseys are sick!

  2. So sick. Do we know if they will be on sale today or not?
    I know they are having a signing at the Jays shop.

  3. I have never purchased a jersey before. I think it may be time.

  4. The maple leaf is a wee big, but overall, these are all awesome. The alternate is my favourite.

  5. @ Renegade

    Jamie said they were on sale online. I’m going to have a look see.

  6. Sure, they’re blue. But, are they blue enough?

  7. They are available online. I want a hat ASAP though!

  8. I love the new jerseys!! Old school throwback, but Adam Lind looks like a bum in the new duds, trade him!!!

  9. Did they not have time to properly hem the pants?

  10. It’s so great to see them looking like the team I grew up rooting for again. The blue alternate is a thing of beauty.

  11. The t-shirts. Oh my.

  12. It makes the old angry bird ‘Jays’ uniforms look even worse.


  14. I feel like a 10 year old. So awesome.

  15. I just blue myself.

    Love them!!

  16. Maybe you blue yourself a bit prematurely.

  17. These uniforms bring back a flood of memories. I feel like a kid again too. I feel almost cheated out of the past however many years that they’ve been away from this logo.

    When they say “this is YOUR Toronto Blue Jays”, it has some kind of meaning now.

  18. ahhh ok, ofcourse they’re really nice throwbacks, not to mention an even better marketing ploy. there’s no way they should wear these jerseys 162 times next season. take my word for it that will end up being dubbed a failure if they do. Pre-season jersey’s and i’m sure 2013 jersey’s are completely different mark my words. GO JAYS!

  19. LOVE the new unis! Welcome back BLUE Jays.

    As they kept trotting out players, I half-@ss expected to see a new Jay walk out. With AA being so private, I wouldn’t put it past him to have announced a big trade that way! haha

  20. Where is the powder blue version?

  21. Good job by the Jays to get it right… I think the maple leaf coulda been a little smaller but great to see the blue back.. Ive always said the Blue Jays should be Blue like the Red Wings should be Red !!!!

    • The red maple leaf does stick out like a sore thumb but with time I am guess everyone will get used to it.

  22. Love the blues (sported by Romero) and the whites. Less of a fan of the grays and the alternate blue (JP). Hats are nice. Looking forward to seeing these next year.

  23. Thank Heaven for little mercies. Hurry up , grab up those “UGLY”,Black” uniformsand let’s have a “GIANT” Bonfire Downtown, before somene changes their minds.

    Your “Toronto Blue Jays” are predominately “BLUE, not BLACK”. Everything old, is new again. The only thing I would change is, dump Arenchibia’s, No name dark jersey for a powder blue one, and dark blue pants as an alternative look, and a “RED” cap for July 1st.

  24. Little Ozzy is a faggot

  25. Now these are the Jays I remember from my childhood. About time they went back to the classic. Perhaps the nostalgia for the jerseys will lead to a nostalgic World Series Championship? lol

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