Well, we don’t know yet. But we will know at exactly 2pm sharp, when the good people at the BBWAA announce the results. There are as many as five worthy guys who will get votes, with the clear-cut favorite being…nobody.

Jacoby Ellsbury could get it and it would be okay. Jose Bautista could (should) get it and very few people with brains and ears would be dismayed. Curtis Granderson and Miguel Cabrera could win in because famous! Justin Verlander might win it because it is very rare to see a pitcher turn in a season inferior in every way to the year he produced just two years prior but this time he got the winz so MVP!

Which is to say this year’s vote is most contentious. Why not join us at 1:55 so we might all react together, live and in person, via the magic of the internet.

Click here to join the live stream at 1:55pm.

Hit the twitters (@DustinParkes, @DrewGROF and @Andrew Stoeten) or join me in the chat below the jump.

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  1. Its gotta be Michael Young. It takes a lot of heart and character to complain about being asked to switch positions once you’ve proved that you’re no longer capable of playing the position on an everyday basis without hurting your team.

  2. I love you guys.. funny and witty… make me laugh…

    But you take this shit way to seriously.

  3. Oooops *too seriously*

  4. i so wish I could tune in right now. Some of the votes are hilarious! Michael Young, David Robertson!!! bwaaahaha

  5. It’s okay, guys. Next year Jose will put up a .570 on-base percentage and hit ninety dingers. He will finish in second place.

    Fucking seriously?

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