Arbitration Round-Up

The deadline for arbitration offers came and went at midnight last night, with little in the way of surprises. Ignoring Dustin’s suggestion for allbitration (see what I did there?), many teams opted not to offer arbitration cases to numerous potential free agents. It is a brave new world, friends.

Below the jump are some of the notable decisions with a minimum of commentary, courtesy of the good people at MLB Trade Rumours.

  • The Phillies made waves by offering Raul Ibanez arbitration, which is thought of as slightly crazy though Ibanez reportedly agreed to decline the offer. Ibanez is not really an every day player any more, posting well below-league average offense and Raul Ibanez-styled defense.
  • The Orioles did not offer arbitration to DH Vladimir Guerrero in the wisest move they’ve made in weeks.
  • The Dodgers declined to offer Hiroki Kuroda arbitration. Their rivals up the California coast, the Giants, did not offer arb to Cody Ross or Pat Burrell and are not allowed to offer Carlos Beltran arbitration by the terms of his contract and the tenets of frontier justice.
  • The Royals offered Bruce Chen arbitration then promptly signed him to a two-year, $9 million contract. Because of course.
  • The Braves did not offer abritration to shortstop Alex Gonzalez, which is slightly puzzling. Gonzalez wants a multi-year deal and, though his offense production was essentially nil in 2011, Clint Barmes.
  • The Red Sox offer arbitration to David Ortiz while declining the offer to Tim Wakefield, JD Drew, and Jason Veritek. That is a lot of old dudes looking for work.

Hit the MLBTR link for the full list and their type A/B designations. For whatever they’re now worth…