Kanye West and Jay Z’s Watch the Throne tour hit the Air Canada Centre last night, with all the showmanship and autotuned bleating one expects to when two hip hop heavyweights hit the stage. The ever-stylish Mr. West took the stage in a leather skirt and a dashiki he apparently borrowed from D.J. Jazzy Jeff. Watch the Throne, indeed.

Later in the show, a concertgoer named Mike Divincenzo tossed his new Jays hat on the stage and Mr. West dutifully pulled it onto his famous head.

The photos made their way to the official Jays twitter page and they promptly sent it out to their followers. Like any smart guy recently down a hat, Divincenzo saw an opportunity.

And they said they’d do it! Great job, Mike. Get yours!

Here’s another shot of Kanye in the Jays lid, courtesy of @hjethwani.

H/T to this tumblr for the original image above.