Well! Mister High-Falutin Dustin Parkes is off on vacation, enjoying exotic mulled wines and smoke bombing Best Buys as part of the Occupy Boardgames movement, which recently spread from quietly drinking wine and playing board games to all-out class war. Which is weird.

Without Parkes, we soldier on. Stoeten and I discuss some of the trade targets percolating through the baseball coffeemaker, standing in for the hot stove because really, a hot stove? I just bought a brand-new 1000W microwave for $7 at a Black Friday sale. Hot stove this!

By the by, we were able to track down quite an interesting guest – Mr. Evan Grant of the Dallas News. We talk burgers, Wash, and moving starters to the bullpen and back. Also, maybe, a little bit on a certain MVP ballot and the gift that just keeps giving: Michael Young.

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Some (underlined) Mint Musical Interludes courtesy of The Constantines and Arts & Crafts Records and our new friends at Deathwish Records. Check out the full catologue and buy what you like. It’s the way of the world, you see.