With rumours swirling that the Tampa Bay Rays have come to terms on a new contract with free agent catcher Jose Molina, the team dealt last year’s part time receiver John Jaso to the Seattle Mariners for right handed reliever/ex-convict Josh Lueke and a player to be named later or cash considerations.

The deal seems curious on a number of levels, not least of which is directly due to Lueke’s past. While in the Texas Rangers organization, the pitcher pled no contest to charges of false imprisonment with violence, after a woman went home from a bar with Lueke and another Minor League player, where the following occurred:

The woman told police she remembered vomiting into the toilet at the apartment. While doing so, the woman told police someone she could not identify was standing at her side masturbating on her.

She said she passed out, and when she awoke at around 8:45 a.m., she told police she was lying on a couch with her pants down and other parts of her clothing were missing.

She told police she felt violated and that she never agreed to have sex with anyone. Investigators later obtained DNA samples from semen found on the woman’s jeans and white tank top and from an anal swab.

A report from the Kern County Crime Lab states, “Josh Lueke matches this DNA” from the anal swab, tank top strap and hair of the alleged victim.

After the incident, Lueke was hoodwinkedly traded by the Rangers to the Seattle Mariners as part of the deal that sent Cliff Lee to Texas, severely denting the Mariners reputation. The team came out looking either poorly informed enough to not be aware of Lueke’s past or stupid enough to think that his past would be accepted by their fan base. Either way, Seattle pitching coach Rick Adair and scouting director Carmen Fusco were both believed to be fired due at least in part to comments they made publicly about the deal.

Aside from the personal issues, the deal still has question marks attached because Jaso, as a league average catcher still under team control for multiple years would seem to have far more value than Lueke, who is projected to be little more than a regular reliever in an MLB bullpen.

FanGraphs Dave Cameron tweeted the following comparison, which shows Jaso’s rate stats to be in line with Philadelphia Phillies All-Star receiver Carlos Ruiz. However, it should be noted that Jaso’s numbers only include 80 plate appearances against left handed pitching. However, even with some defensive shortcomings, a league average catcher is harder to find than a league average right handed reliever.

Either of these two factors alone would be enough to give Seattle the decision victory with this trade. Combined, it seems like such an obvious win for the Mariners, that I wonder what part of the story we’re not hearing.

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  1. So Dustin,

    I guess you don’t believe people deserve second chances?

    • I say that because of the negative light you’ve chosen to portray this Lueke fella in, as if emphasizing is criminal past has some sort of relevance to this trade?

      • I suppose it’s rather prejudiced of me, but yeah, if I have the choice between giving up a catcher for an average right handed bullpen arm that has anally raped a woman and merely signing an average right handed bullpen arm from the massive list of equivalents available, I’ll likely go with the option that doesn’t involve anal rape.

        • You didn’t answer my question about second chances.

          But lets me point something else out.

          You are taking the side of an INTOXICATED woman claiming she did not consent to any sort of sexual act.

          There have been SEVERAL cases where women have lied about what actually happened in an effort to hide their personal shame and embarrassment.

          Just ask Eric Frimpong (Google it).

          Or the Hofstra University rape case.

          • Okay, you can read it this way if you want to then: I suppose it’s rather prejudiced of me, but yeah, if I have the choice between giving up a catcher for an average right handed bullpen arm that has been accused of anally raping a woman and merely signing an average right handed bullpen arm from the massive list of equivalents available, I’ll likely go with the option that doesn’t involve anal rape.

            He also lied to police about having any form of sex with the woman.

          • If the women was intoxicated, you can’t have consent.

            Rapists shouldn’t be in the league.

        • Call me old fashion, but I don’t believe in 2nd chances for rapists, kidnappers, or guys that jack off on passed out and/or puking girls. The man doesn’t deserve to be free, let alone the privilege of being a Major League pitcher.

      • To argos: Have you ever been to a bar or a club?

        if I’m drinking with a woman I meet at a bar then we both go home to my place and engage in drunken sex are you saying I raped her?


        • Jar:

          Duuuude, I hate to tell you this, but intoxication isn’t consent. That’s the kind of bullshit rhetoric that allowed judges to let rapists go free instead blaming the victim. We’ve moved past this as a society. Progress, my friend.

          • Did you read the scenario I posted above? How is what I wrote simply rhetoric?

            Men and women who were previously strangers drink and go home together ALL THE TIME.

            You know people get wrongly locked up too right? Why is it you care so little about the welfare of the wrongly convicted?

            Now I’m not saying he’s innocent or guilty, I’m saying based on the evidence it’s really unfair to conclude he raped her. We don’t know what happened.

            Funny, your fellow whiteknights were saying the same type of things when those students at Hofstra were accused of “raping” that girl.

            When video evidence from one of the accused’s phones was put forth it was found out she was voluntarily fellating them. No punishment was handed down to the girl (legal standpoint), nor was her name released to the public. The wrongfully accused? Their names and picture are widely viewable forever, ultimately effecting their employment opportunities with people who share the same asinine mindset as Mr. Parkes.

            Look at the evidence yourself. Do not buy into media bias. Make your own decision.

            This is 2011, not 1911. Women should be seen as equals to men in the eyes of the law, not superior.

            Anyways, I normally check this blog for MLB news, but this article definitely got my blood a little boiling. LOL

            • Jar, my point remains that it’s a bad deal for the Rays for two reasons: 1) Whether guilty or innocent Lueke is attached to his history; and 2) trading a seemingly useful catcher for a common right handed reliever doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

          • I don’t think his point is the intoxication is consent. He seemed to object to the suggestion that if a party is intoxicated, sex is unconsentual and rape implied…which would seem problematic for my marriage.

        • Jar,
          This topic seems a little too personal for you. Do you have a history of rape accusation?

          • @ Sgt. Batisita:

            While I do not entirely agree with Jar, he presented his viewpoint intelligently. He also does have some valid thoughts to add to the conversation. Additionally, he did so without personally attacking anyone or anyone’s character.

            You have replied with absolutely nothing of value, preferring instead to throw a vague, libelous statement in his direction. Troll much?

          • You could’ve been a lieutenant.

          • As of this moment, Sgt Batista is on indefinite suspension without pay, due to his insinuating remarks toward Jar.

            I have no further comment at this time.

          • People still watch Dexter?

        • I raped my wife Saturday night, I guess.

  2. Oh mister high and mighty. You’re telling me you’ve never masturbated on a girl while she was vomiting into a toilet?

  3. The mystery is that the Rays are still after that edge that is Molina’s crazy-good pitch framing, and so Jaso was dispensable. I’m not sure why the Rays decided it would be a good idea to acquire a sodomizer, but to each their own.

    Actually, that last clause doesn’t really apply, does it?

    • Depends how you spell but.

    • Still, even if we assume diminished playing time for Jaso with Molina on board, I don’t know why you move a catcher like Jaso for a reliever like Lueke, especially when Jaso will make the league minimum next year. And Molina isn’t exactly likely to play 100 games next year. It just seems fishy.

      • We need to keep this deal in mind the next time these two clubs deal with each other. A minor debt may well have been incurred here. Lueke might not be with the Rays for long… it will be less painful for the Rays than the Mariners to release him since anything the Ms do with him will result in predictably negative media attention. Rays may have traded Jaso for a “favour to be returned later”.

  4. Can players who were drafted this season be traded yet? Probably the PTBNL is the real meat of this deal.

  5. Nothing like masturbating to the smell of fresh vomit to get me in the mood for a good session of fucking a gals ass.

  6. I hope some of the Rays success can rub off onto Lueke.

  7. I’m guessing that Lueke jerseys won’t be big sellers in Tampa.

  8. Unless the PTBNL turn out to be someone, this doesn’t speak well for the trade value of league average cost controlled catchers. Let’s hope the market is more generous if and when the Jays decide to shop J.P. Arencibia.

    • On the flip side, it does speak well for the value of young righthanded pitching, which the Jays have a lot of …so it ain’t all bad news.

  9. LOL @ questioning whether this guy is guilty or not.

    I mean technically pleading “no contest” isn’t a legal admission of guilt, but if I’m innocent and being charged with false imprisonment with violence, I’m not saying anything other than not guilty. Unless of course I told police I had no sexual relations with a drunk women even though they found my semen in the women’s anus. Oh wait…..

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