When we last checked in on the Boston Red Sox managerial search, it was with a heavy heart that we removed Toronto Blue Jays first base coach Torey Lovallo’s name from consideration and learned that the list of candidates had been shortened to two: Gene Lamont and Bobby Valentine. Well, according to ESPN’s Karl Revech, that shortlist now has a line through one name and miniature hearts scribbled around the other which also happens to be circled and highlighted in yellow.

The Boston front office has decided to go with former New York Mets and Texas Rangers manager Bobby Valentine over Detroit Tigers third base coach Gene Lamont.

Update: The Red Sox are claiming that nothing has been decided.

More Recent Update: It’s confirmed. Bobby Valentine is the 45th manager of the Boston Red Sox.

We’ll have more on this tomorrow, but in honour of the man who would be manager, here are my five favourite things that Valentine has done in his life:

5. In 2005, he managed the Chiba Lotte Marines to a Japan Series title in a four game sweep of the Hanshin Tigers.

4. In 2011, he became a full time member of ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball crew where he used single finger air quotes without any ridicule whatsoever.

3. In 1999, he was ejected from a game he was managing for the New York Mets, only to reappear in the dugout with dark glasses and a fake moustache.

2. In 2011, he became the Director of Public Safety for the city of Stamford, Connecticut.

1. In 1980, he invented sandwich wraps.

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  1. Should mention that he did take a pretty shitty mets team to the world series against the yankees in 2000. And that he had a number of years managing some bad teams in texas.

    • That’s kind of awesome I guess. I mean it’s not inventing the wrap or anything but it’s alright.

  2. Glad I don’t have to listen to his nonsense every Sunday night anymore.

    • 2nd that. Dan and Orel were a great two man team on ESPN radio for the first two rounds of the playoffs with out Bobby V. Here’s hoping the SNB doesn’t replace him. Also Buck Martinez did some color for ESPN radio during the post season and it reminded me that he’s actually a decent 2nd guy in the booth a la Dan and Buck from the late 90′s Jays broadcasts.

  3. He’s seems so shy…I hope he’s not too nervous.

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