Raekwon Represents

It’s one thing to receive the fleeting endorsement of a laughable mainstream jester, but when Raekwon from Wu Tang is wearing your favourite team’s hat and praising your city in a weekly publication, it’s time to get excited.

I’m not certain whether one of the greatest MCs of our generation was talking about hip hop or the Blue Jays when he said this about Toronto:

Every place has its own time when it emerges. I think right now, the climate … has evolved in so many different ways that you could be from anywhere and be nice. You’ve been seeing different places reigning—like the South, you know what I mean? The West won before that and New York won before that. I’ve seen[it] growing, and I’ve seen a beautiful city that’s just not being acknowledged … I’ve seen something here.

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  1. in case you missed it: Vancouver Canadians owners interested in upgrading franchise to AAA in the future.


    • Hasn’t Vancouver had AA and AAA teams in the past? Weren’t they all pulled because of far too many rain-outs?

  2. i assume the laughable mainstream jester is Kanye West. I know you’ve been under a rock for a decade,, but most members of WTC including Raekwon can be had for $5000 and a bus ticket at any college in the US or Canada.

  3. just kidding, we love ya Parksey. Just stick to baseball would ya?

  4. You huwwwwwt someones feelrings!

  5. For some reason, one of the images my brain has kept is seeing GUnit on Saturday Night Live, with one member rocking a black-on-black Jays cap.

  6. It would be cooler if Blackie Lawless was spotted wearing Jays gear.

  7. The fact that Wu-Tang and other beast rappers like Nas, Rakim and Common can be had relatively cheap compared to the Drakes and Kanye West of the world is a testament. At least they didn’t sell out for money like Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg and Dr.Dre. Sure they may appear in the occasional main stream rappers song but they never are actually popular because people like to martyr the guys who put 10% the work into their career. Back to baseball. The Jays new unis are amazing and Raekwon giving those compliments to our team and city is definitely a cool thing to me.

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