Los Angeles Dodger GM Ned Colletti in hot pursuit of Arizona Diamondbacks GM Kevin Towers and his mediocre middle infield hoarding has signed Adam Kennedy to a Major League Contract. A Major League Contract!

According to Yahoo! Sports’ Tim Brown, the one year deal will be worth $800,000, pending a physical.

Amazingly, Kennedy had 409 plate appearances last season with the Seattle Mariners, 140 of which were batting third or clean up in the order. Despite that many opporutnities he put up a measly .278 weighted on base average while collecting outs in more than 72% of his times at the plate.

MLB Trade Rumors reminds us that despite ever fluctuating questions surrounding the team’s ownership, Colletti has committed around $15 million in free agent spending so far this off season.¬†Unfortunately, his haul to date only includes: Mark Ellis, Juan Rivera, Matt Treanor, and now, former ALCS MVP, Adam Kennedy.

It’s expected that Kennedy will pick up playing time at third base, while providing coverage for Ellis at second and Dee Gordon at shortstop.

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  1. This is what I don’t understand. Why spend $15-million on players that will amount to almost zero collective value? Why not take that same $15-million and spend it on one player who might be able to bring some value? Like a Kelly Johnson or something. Colletti makes no sense most of the time. If it wasn’t for the organization’s solid track record of development, the Dodgers would be in trouble.

    • Someone like Johnson if he’s available for two year at 15 million makes more sense than Ellis + scrubs but neither really changes the outlook for the club The Kemp contract is the move that is really questionable for a team in flux. That kind of commitment will rob new ownership of the opportunity to set its own course for the team.

  2. ludicrous speed…GO!

  3. Given the market that’s been set for middle infielders, is an $800 000 dollar contract for Kennedy really that egregious? Isn’t it in fact a pretty fair deal.

    • The Kennedy acquisition on its own isn’t bad, but when combined with acquiring Mark Ellis, Juan Rivera, and Matt Treanor, it is.

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