Remember in 2009 when you drafted Taylor Teagarden in the 15th round of your fantasy draft then cackled gleefully as you admired your own wisdom? Teagarden hit six home runs in a mere 50 September plate appearances, you swore. He raked in the minor leagues, you boasted. He and Jarrod Saltalamacchia were the wave of the future, you confided.

Teagarden did nothing in 2009. And again in 2010, when you pegged him as a sleeper and drafted him in the 20th round. And again in 2011, when you swore off him, having learned you lesson.

The Baltimore Orioles do not learn lessons. They acquired Taylor Teagarden today from the Texas Rangers for minor-leaguer Randy Henry and a player to be named later or cash.

Taylor Teagarden isn’t a bad acquisition as a backup catcher behind one of the five best backstops in the Majors. Matt Wieters catches a ton of games so there is little pressure on Teagarden to be anything other than ready.

Teagarden is a guy with decent power and patience but only, it seems, at the minor league level. He crushed AAA pitching in 2011 in another brief stint at the level. Can he ever translate any of this ability to draw a walk at the big league level? It doesn’t really matter at this point.

Teagarden rates as a strong receiver and slots into the “catch and throw” ghetto for the rest of his life. Not to suggest that is a death sentence. There is always work for catch-and-throw guys. Look at Jeff Mathis! He is a catching-and-throwing punchline who will make more money in 2012 than I will in my entire life.

Henry is a career reliever who throws hard with a good amount of sink, we’re told. All part of Jon Daniels master plan of 24 relievers and Michael Young on his active roster at all times.

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