There was a little bit of buzz following the report that Bobby Valentine’s deal with the Boston Red Sox is for two years, because it just so happens that John Farrell’s current contract to manage the Toronto Blue Jays is set to expire at the exact same time.

Remembering back to a couple of weeks ago, it was heavily rumoured that the Red Sox were continuing their efforts to pry Farrell away from the Blue Jays, the internal team policies of the opposition be damned. If these rumours are believed to be true, then why not also believe that Toronto responded to the pursuit with a go [Getting Blanked] yourself proposal of Clay Buchholz in exchange for their under contract manager.

If the Boston Red Sox are deciding the terms of contracts based on the availability of other managers multiple years down the road, then the future in the American League East is much brighter than anyone could have anticipated.

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  1. I would have no problem letting John Ferrell go for player-compensation and then having Sal Fasano take over the Jays.

  2. Agreed. This was much ado about nothing. The Blue Jays aren’t going to head into 2013 with a lameduck manager. If the team performs well in 2012, he will be extended next off-season. The Red Sox wouldn’t be silly enough to base their current manager’s contract on the slight chance that Farrell might be available after 2013.

  3. Slow news day I guess

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